Friday, January 21, 2011

Unveiled Recap

Well, I'm a slacker and haven't taken any pictures this week. But I do want to share with you about our Unveiled event Wednesday Night.

We had a record attendence of 108 people. We've never been a group to care for numbers, but when the ladies just kept coming in and we were running out of seats, we started counting.

I think a huge part of it was our speaker for the night Tanya Magnus. She's one of our very own Lake Pointe Ladies, and she has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that she loves to share. She has founded a ministry called Choose to Soar and she has a real passion for bible study...and she's hilarious! It was really a great night with some practical ways for the ladies to discover their piece of the puzzle...who God created them to be.

I made 80 of these little tags as favors for the ladies to take home. Just a little something to remember the night and the message by.

Unveiled Tag Favors

Of course we ran out. Bummer. But I hope the ladies that did get one enjoy it. It'd make a cute bookmark don't you think?

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  1. I love the way you use your talent and passion to bless others. You don't hoard it all for yourself. Very cute tags! And, yes, I would use one for a bookmark. I get to see your in-loves soon and we're all excited. They showed us what "family of God". They really feel like our family.


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