Monday, January 17, 2011

Mulititude Monday

404. Delish dinner with the in-loves
405. An opportunity to pray for women that will attend unveiled while I worked on favors for the event
406. Getting to chat with friends while we finished up the favors
407. A very productive planning meeting for Unveiled
408. A cricut cartridge on sale for $9.99!
409. A lovely lunch date with a dear friend
410. A cricut that could cut out 80 tags for me while I stamped!
411. Getting to have stew on a COLD winter day
412. A warm house and warm clothes when its frigid outside
413. Not having to go to Walmart this week.


  1. $9.99 for a cricut cartridge?? Yay!!

    Not having to go to Walmart his week. Bigger yay!!

    Love ya

  2. I've really enjoyed reading your list and listening to the music playing! I now have new favorite songs.. lol.

  3. haha, love "not having to go to Walmart". That place drives me crazy! :)


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