Monday, October 4, 2010

Multitude Monday

Can i be perfectly honest here? I really don't feel like praising this week. I started this list this morning, and honestly by the time I got home from work tonight my heart was so heavy that I had decided not to do Multitude Monday this week. But then I thought I SHOULD push through, it might offer might restore my soul. So here goes...

holy experience

326. My dearest friend made it home safely from Europe!
327. My stamp camp was awesome!
328. Baby chance making it to church for the first time
329. learning about different religions
330. celebrating the Father-in-laws birthday
331. That I can be angry with God and I can tell Him like I see it and He is patient and merciful
332. That even though a woman has lost her husband so suddenly, so young, she will be reunited with Him in the glorious courts someday.
333. though there may be pain in the night, joy comes in the morning
334. that I get to kiss my husband good night tonight, when so many cannot
335. the promise of redemption and restoration

Wondering why...


  1. I think all of us who are on this thankful journey have weeks like that.

  2. My sweet friend, THAT is a praise list. Praising in the dark is praise indeed.

  3. Crystal,
    Such a beautiful list! I am so glad you posted as you have blessed my heart. I join you in gratitude that we have a God that desires for us to be honest with Him and that He loves us dearly and understands our sadness and holds every tear that falls from our eyes.
    Praying that this week you will feel His loving arms around you and see all the gifts that are yours.
    blessings and grace to you

  4. Healing. That's why I do it too. Good list.


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