Monday, October 11, 2010

The blessings rain down...

holy experience

Can I share a little story? On Friday I received a package that contained a christmas present for my mother in law. I opened the package to show a friend the beautiful gift and accidently broke party of it. I just dropped the lid. I was so upset with myself. I had that package in my hands for less than 5 minutes and broke part of it. So I called the woman I had ordered it from to order a replacement lid. She had an open order that she added my lid to and attempted to submit the order, but her card was declined. Odd she thought. She found out that someone had stolen her credit card info and was attempting to make an $800 purchase at the same time! Because the 2 purchases were being made at the same time her bank flagged her account and put a hold on funds. What an amazing thing God did through my clumsiness!

336. A broken lid prevented identity theft.
337. Friends and family of the bride and groom showering them with wisdom and blessings
338. Seeing God answer a dear friends longtime prayer for a spouse
339. rain this morning
340. meeting the baby so many had prayed for for so many years!
341. Another successful Club Fed
342. hope for healing where there seemed to be no hope before
343.laying in my hammock preparing for Bible Study
344. serving in the preschool class yesterday
345. seeing that God still answers prayers.

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