Friday, October 22, 2010

9 years ago

9 years ago I was a junior in the high school marching band. I was the favorite junior preformer in the colorguard. I was skinny, I was tan, I could run laps around a football field with relative ease.

9 years ago he was a Senior in the high school marching band. He was trumpet section leader. He was cute, the girls loved him, and I thought he was gay (I'll expand on this another day if you don't know the story).

My friends were vying for his affection, so I was trying to get closer to him to plant a bug in his ear. I had a boyfriend afterall.

He was getting closer to me because he was vying for MY affection.

The night before homecoming, my boyfriend began to question my friendship with him. I told my boyfriend there was nothing there. It was the truth.

The night after homecoming we were supposed to meet friends at the local snowcone stand, where I worked. Where my girlfriend that had a crush on him worked. It ended up being just me and him. He said "I have to tell you something, but then I have to leave. I like you." He made no attempt to leave.

I had heard from some of the colorguard girls that this was the case, and I panicked. I was falling for him too. But remember I had a boyfriend. Now there was something between us.

Naturally, my boyfriend dumped me the next day.

One week later, 9 years ago today, early in the morning in the band hall, Cole said to me "well, I guess we're dating."


  1. um I would LOVE to hear why you thought Cole was gay.


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