Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today the kids learned about the importance of training. We played a game where they had to practice some of the moves because if they didn't do the moves right, they'd get a penalty and be disqualified from that round. Then we had a lesson and discussion about Jesus training the disciples, and about other areas in life that we train for and why that's important.

It was a tougher day than the past 2 days. The kids seemed to be cranky and tired...and hot...and thirsty...and they had to go to the bathroom...and they wanted to play on the playground...

We knew it could be a tough day, and we tried to keep the kids pumped up and excited about what we were doing.

We got an email from a parent that has a child in my group and a child in Susie's group. The parent does not attend South Bay church. She said she was really impressed with how excited and well mannered the leaders were and how much fun the kids were having. She said she was going to recommend the camp to all of her friends and she hoped the camp would be back next year. What an encouragement!

You can continue to pray for our work here, that we would be able to reach the nations through these kiddos. That they would learn that Jesus loves them from our time together.

You can pray for the volunteers. We all need strength to get through this week. One of our team members has come down with a virus, so pray for quick healing. We've had a little bit of a shortage in help in some areas, so pray that people would show up when we need them.

You can also pray for the skate team that came with us on this trip. They had some awesome plans to do skate demos and pump the kids up during warm up by showing them some tricks in the courtyard, but they have been almost completely shut down by the janitorial staff at the school. These kids came to skate, and they're being told not to. Can you imagine how frustrating that is? To these kids, its like being told not to breathe. I'm really frustrated for them too. I know they've been working hard and they were excited to show their skills, and they can't. They've all been really great about it though, they help every where we need them to. I'm just bummed they can't skate on campus. We're hoping they'll do a demo for the volunteers off site sometime this week though. I really want to see them skate!

And as far as it goes with my dad, he's having a hard time. He's scared to do PT because he's afraid he'll fall again, and he doesn't want to go through that pain. He's supposed to get moved out of the hospital to a rehab facility, but he isn't progressing because he's afraid to try, so pray for him is much appreciated.

Goin to get some food...

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