Thursday, July 15, 2010

Self Control

Today was great at kids games. We learned about self control. The kids had a blast playing a fun water game at the end of the day. Its been really neat to see each personality show a little more each day.

Tomorrow's the last day, so pray that we can go out with a bang. We want to be energized and excited and have a blast on the last day, and really make an impact on these kids so they'll come back next summer.

The kids have been bringing school supplies all week to donate to a shelter that has kids who don't have the same resources, and have trouble getting school supplies for the school year. The kids have been so generous and have brought a ton of supplies!

Some the kids and parents have been exchanging phone numbers for play dates, that makes me smile.

Some of our team went door to door in the nearby neighborhoods and left door hangers with info about the church. Pray that people read them, and are curious enough to check out the church.

Tonight we're going to this crazy sports place with trampolines everywhere, even on the walls! Its pretty crazy. We're gonna play dodgeball. Pray that we don't break anything. ;o)

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