Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm important

Today's lesson reminded the kids that each of them is important. We did a lesson about the parts of the body and how we needed each and every part of the body...and we played a really fun game. The kids had a blast today and its been great to watch them come out of their shells a little more each day.

Tomorrow will be our 3rd day of Kids Games, and sometimes, its the hardest. Please pray that we would have great energy tomorrow and that the kids would feed off of that and still be super excited about being there. A lot of us are very tired, today we had some time for rest, which was much needed, so pray for strength and energy to get through this week.

Tomorrow we're going to spend sometime canvasing local neighborhoods and doing projects around the church office. Pray that we would have opportunities to share Christ with the community. Pray that we would be a blessing to South Bay through our work on the projects.

And pray that I can get the names of the kiddos right! With so many ethnicities represented its a challenge to match faces with names and pronounce them right. I want these kids to know they are special, and getting their name right is huge.

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