Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

I do!


We made it safe and sound this morning to San Jose, CA and then to Santa Clara, CA where we're staying. During the flight I got to see the Grand Canyon, some mountains and play on facebook! Crazy huh? I was really freaking out about the Grand Canyon though. Check that one off the bucket list! ;o)

The weather here is AMAZING! It was 70 degrees when we landed. I'm told it only gets as hot as 85 here. AWESOME! Its so nice to walk out of a store/restaurant and not be blasted with outrageous heat/humidity. I'm trying to convince the hubbs to move here. ;o)

We got to meet some of the South Bay Church crew and see where we'll be running kids games this week. The people are super fun and let me just say that the elementary school that the church meets at is ridiculously amazing. I'm so jealous.

So tomorrow we're helping with an outdoor service for South Bay Church, so you can definitely pray for that. And we'll be continuing to piece together details for the we could definitely use prayer for that.

On a major personal note, pray for my parents. My dad broke his hip today and its just not a good thing. Lots of prayer needed there. And you can pray that I'd have the strength to get through this week while you're at it...if you want. ;o)

And now, I'm going to bed, because my body thinks its 11:20, but the clock here says 9:20.

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  1. You and your family are definitely in my prayers! I hope you have a great time while you are in Cali. Take lots of pictures.

    Oh, and you cannot move there. I barely see you enough now with you in Royce City....much less Cali! :(


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