Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life Apps - Peace

That was today's message. Let me tell you, it was hard to hear, but I needed it, and as I've heard from so many on my team, they needed to hear it to. It was wonderful to have church outside and not be sweating bullets. I'm seriously jealous of the weather here. It was 58 when we left the hotel this morning to set up for church.

We got to meet so many people from South Bay today and everyone is so warm and friendly. There are so many nations represented in this community. We're told that 40% of the population in this area is from another country. Crazy!

We set up church and played with kids during the services. It was a blast. And afterwards there was hot dogs and hamburgers!

We had a meeting to go over the details and logistics for the week and finally got to come together with the South Bay people that we will be serving with this week. I'm really excited for the activities that we have planned for arts and crafts. And I'm encouraged by the flexibility and willingness that has been shown by everyone on the Lake Pointe team. We still have a lot of last minute details to tie up so you can be praying for that.

Update on my dad: he's scheduled for surgery at 5pm Monday evening. My mother is terrified. They'll be doing a spinal anesthesia instead of general which is good, but I think it would be weird to be awake during surgery. Your prayers are coveted. I've already felt God moving in my heart because of them. And your comforting words give me the strength to push on. Sometimes I wish I could just leave and head home, but I know there's nothing for me to do there, but there is so much for me to do here. Its just hard.

  • Be praying for the approximately 100 kids that we'll be teaching this week.
  • Pray for the set up crew as they get things figured out bright and early tomorrow (thank goodness for complementary starbucks coffee).
  • Pray for the South Bay team that will be leading the discussions and bible lessons.
  • And pray that we would be pumped tomorrow morning as we receive the kids so that we can set the mood for the week.

Off to get some grub...


  1. Will definitaly be praying for your mom and dad. Any chance that we could get the name of the hospital he would be at? It would be super ncie to send your mom and dad some flowers to let them know they are in our prayers! Stay strong girl!! :)

  2. I will say a prayer for your mom and dad!! Sounds like you are doing a wonderful work. Blessings! :)

  3. will say a prayer for your mom and dad! and peace for your heart! enjoy your time in cali doing God's amazing work! sounds like an awesome week!


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