Monday, June 7, 2010

Glory to God, Glory to God

The counting continues....broke 200!!

192. safe travel to Bedford for a bachelorette party

193. great night out with college roomies!

194. the hubbs was able to get relief and meds for a painful ear infection

195. a deeper understanding

196. friends that can’t get enough of hanging out with each other

197. cooking with the hubbs in the kitchen

198. a spur of the moment shopping trip with a good friend

199. getting to meet a sweet new baby!

200. iced caramel macchiato

201. another check in the mail!


  1. God is good :)

    MmmmmMmmmMmmm an iced caramel macchiato sounds like heaven right now!

  2. So happy that Cole is doing better! ER visits are and can be scary! May you continue to be blessed!


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