Monday, May 17, 2010

A shower of blessings...

162. I got baptized Sunday, it was a long time coming.
163. The God is so patient with us and loves us enough to be patient with us...because we fail Him...a lot.
164. That we can cry out to God whether we're hurting, or we're angry, or we're happy, He loves to hear from us.
165. That a mega church can still feel like a small church.
166. That we are all created unique, that different personalities complement each other
167. That "its a small world" feeling
168. Someone fixed our fence!
169. A wise husband that gets me through times of great distress
170. a husband that cleaned the kitchen before we had guests over(!)
171. a simple saturday that had no structure turned into a really great day with friends.

holy experience

May you be richly blessed this week,


  1. Congratulations on getting baptized! :)

  2. congratulations on the baptism!! enjoy the rest of your week. :)


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