Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair do or hair dont?

Alright ladies, I need your help.

I just found a hairstyle that I love.
This is Hayley, from Paramore. They were on Ellen today and this haircut is exactly what I've been looking for.

Except on me it would NOT be red. Just my natural hair color - dark dark dark brown. Nearly black, but NOT black thank you very much. problem is....I'm in a wedding in a month and a half. And while I'm in love with this cut, I'm afraid it won't be updo friendly for the wedding...or really any sort of formal hairdo friendly whether up or down for that matter.

So help me, maybe you've got a cut like this, with lots of layers...can it be done? Can you get a cute formal look from it?

Or do I just wait until after the wedding?


  1. I think that cut is really cute. Remember how short my sister's hair was at my wedding...and they made an updo out of that. I think that if the stylist knows what they are doing, they can make an updo out of anything. I say go for it. Plus...the wedding is a month away and it will be grown out some by then! :)

  2. That haircut is extremely cute. I am very cautious about hair changes right before photo ops, but a good stylist can handle just about anything. If you do it, we'll need pix!


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