Thursday, May 13, 2010

oh, hi blog...

I've really been a slacker lately. I just don't feel like I have anything interesting or uplifting to blog about. This year has been hard, thank goodness we're almost halfway through it. I started some new meds for TMJ last week and have been struggling with them. The good news is they are helping. Bad news, I have to stay on them for 4-6wks. They just kinda make me feel blah. And my project 365 is an epic fail. I am hoping to get crafty today though...

Outside my window..the sun is shining

The time is..about 9:30am
Today I feel..sleepy!
I am thinking..of the hubbs, big final today
At the moment, I am
I am get baptized on Sunday :o)
I am pjs :o)
I wish..that I would feel healthy and strong again
I am reading..Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore
I am working on..probably should be working on Unveiled stuff
I am get crafty today
I am hearing..the wind, the never ceasing gusts of wind.
Around the house..its clean! I cleaned yesterday!
I bet you didn't know..that I hate bananas
One of my favorite..animals is a panda.

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  1. I hate bananas too. Always have. Turns out, I am highly allergic to them. Is there anything worse than fake banana-flavored bubble gum? Bleh. Praying for you. You think you have nothing to say. I told Brian 2 nights ago that your commitment to gratitude to blessing God really encouraged me this week. Love you!


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