Monday, May 10, 2010

Looking up

Its been a long weekend. We were supposed to go camping. I started feeling poorly Friday afternoon, just hours before our group was scheduled to depart. I thought I was coming down with something...but it was just the meds. I was still feeling dizzy/weak yesterday, but better today. Drowsiness also keeps me a prisoner in my home. How is it that something that is supposed to help you makes you feel so poorly? And yet, my soul cries out, blessed be the name...

152. a patient, caring husband
153. getting to spend time taking care of a friend before I started feeling poorly
154. the medication is relieving the pain in my jaw
155. doctors that patiently answer my questions and reassure my fears
156. wise women in my life that provide reassurance, guidance, and fun
157. getting locked out of my house which led to getting to hang out with a friend while waiting on the hubbs
158. being able to drive myself into town today
159. getting through dinner without jaw pain
160. even though I was sad about canceling a class, it opened up a photography opportunity
161. getting runner up in my first photo contest

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  1. Meds are like that. They often cause other symptoms or similar symptoms to what they are supposed to relieve. I deal with that on the allergy front. I have spent the past year being confined by health issues so often, and do feel Job's words more deeply. Blessed be the name indeed! Love ya and will pray.


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