Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

holy experience

60. Good food + good friends = Great fundrasier!

61. Deepening relationships with the ladies behind Unveiled

62. A whole day out in the sunshine after a long cold winter

63. generosity in some unlikely places

64. trying new recipes with friends

65. impromptu game nights

66. a room overflowing with couples checking out our Life Group

67. A husband that hugs and kisses me goodbye, tells me he loves me and tucks me in every morning before he leaves for work

68. fresh flowers on the table

69. dogs that have played so hard all day, they are wiped out even the next day


  1. Great list!

    Thanks for sharing your flickr, I just added you! Love your glad to find another blogger doing the 365!!

  2. i love game night. whaddya play?


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