Monday, March 8, 2010

We've got some catchin up to do!

Lots of catch up to do...

First of all thank you all for your comments on my "To tweet or not to tweet" post, I'm still holding out on joining the twitter world, your comments are helping me to be strong. ;o)

A recap of the weekend:

Friday night was an impromptu game night. I was just itchin' to see some of our friends. It had been almost a month since the last game night. I love that we can just say hey, let's have a game night at out house in 2 hours, and they come! It seems like these days everything has to be scheduled weeks in advance, so its nice to be spontaneous. Our favorite games right now are Settlers of Catan (and all the expansion packs) and the Farming Game. If you've never heard of them, let me assure you, you are missing out! Hours upon hours of fun. :o)

Saturday we got up at 6:30 (entirely too early for a Saturday) and hit the road for an ultimate frisbee tournament. The hubbs has been playing for the last couple of months on this Dallas area league. I adored his team. We spent all the daylight hours on the field on saturday, and it was absolutely beautiful outside. They did so well too! They won 2 out of 3 morning games, which meant they could advance to the winner's bracket in the afternoon. Sadly they lost the first game in the afternoon, and that was the end of the season for them. Here are some shots from that day.

DWL 3_6_10

DWL 3_6_10

I especially love to see the dogs that people bring out to the games.

Beagle 2

3_6_10 Do your ears hang low?

Saturday night was Club Fed. Our theme was Green and beer - ya know, for St Patty's day. We had:
onion soup,
spinach dumplings, shepard's pie, asparagus, spinach salad and mint chocolate chip milk shakes (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Sunday was a lazy day. It was really dreary, but Life Group (i.e. sunday school) was amazing! We had soooo many couples in our class. The room was packed...I'm pretty sure we were breaking some fire codes. I hope it happens again next week though, its so exciting to meet new couples that want to honor God in their new marriages.

Thanks for visiting today! Do you have a favorite board game to play?


  1. My favorite board game is Wahoo. I don't know if we ever played when you were our roomie, but it consists of a board and some marbles! :)

  2. What a completely fun update today! Love the pix. Favorite board game? I mostly just play kids' games. Current favorite is Harry Potter Clue. Oh--I don't twitter. :)

  3. We play a lot of cranium but our favorite game to play is old fashioned charades. We come up with topics and write them on little pieces of paper to stick in a hat. It's always a big hit.


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