Sunday, December 6, 2009

Club Fed-White Christmas

Last night was our second monthly Club Fed meeting. A couple of girls from work and I started this little club that gets together once a month to cook food based around a theme. Our first meeting was in November and the theme was pumpkin. We were pretty pumped about it, and the food turned out great. Its amazing what tasty dishes you can make with pumpkin, but by the time it was over, we were pumpkin-ed out. I don't want to see or taste anything pumpkin until next year. This month we decided to broaden the theme to "White." And we decided it would be a pajama party! FABULOUS! We had parmesan fondue dip, white wine, chicken with risotto and asparagus, baguettes topped with mozzarella and a tomato basil sauce, caesar salad, hot white chocolate, mexican lasagna, potato soup and white chocolate covered pretzels. Talk about a lot of food. The hubbs even bought me some white flowers to go with the theme!
How swee t is he!

Here are a couple of the girls rubbing garlic on the baguettes, aren't the aprons cute!

We had such a great time. Good food and lots of laughs. Unfortunately, when its all over, this is what your kitchen looks like!
And doesn't this hot chocolate look delicious? Trust me, it was!
Next month we're doing healthy food as a part of our new year's resolution. I can't wait!
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