Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The holiday season

Its been a busy week, and I'm so behind on everything I want to get done. I think that's the way your supposed to feel when the holidays are approaching. ;o) Unfortunately I've been battling bronchitis, so that slows me down even more.
I don't know when I became an adult and started loving Thanksgiving and the food and being with family, but I LOVE IT! Thursday we celebrated with my family, and it was delicious. Saturday we celebrated with Cole's family and it was delicious AGAIN! After Thanksgiving on Saturday we went to the Dallas Stars game with my friend from work and her boyfriend. His work has a suite at the game and they let their employees pull tickets. It was AWESOME! We were right in the middle. So fun. Here are just a couple of pix from that.

Sunday we just took it easy so I could rest and overcome this bronchitis. It sure is stubborn though! We did get some of the Christmas decorations up in the evening. I can only lie around so long! I have too much to do and in so little time! It was a real struggle to figure out where to put the tree, but we found the perfect spot.

We put it in the formal dining room, which is actually my crafting area. :o) So I get to enjoy it while I'm scrapbooking or making cards.
And you know that Aggie spirit is sprinkled throughout the tree!

I just love christmas trees! It is my dream to cover our bar area and mantle in trees of different shapes and materials. It may take a few years, but those after Christmas sales are totally worth the wait!
I hope to have the outside of the house decorated on Saturday. I'm having some ladies over for Club Fed, our cooking group, and would like the house to be done! I'll post pictures when I get them!

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