Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This week we're puppysitting a 7 month old german shorthair pointer while our friends are on vacation. Let me just say, that if you can find someone to pet sit your pet while you go on vacation, it is by far the better option over boarding or kenneling them. Staying at a friends home, or having a friend stay at your home, is much closer to your pet's normal routine and will therefore reduce the stress of you being absent for several days. And of course there are exceptions, some dogs just love playing at the boarding facilities and that's awesome. Its like vacation for them too!

So this week our schedule pretty much starts at 5:30 am...puppies don't really care about sleeping in...especially on the weekends. Everybody gets up, romps around outside, eat breakfast, more romping around inside, growling contest, more romping outside...the romping inside and outside alternate for the next 8 hrs...dinner, walk through the neighborhood, barking contest, more romping around inside and finally bed.
Best Friends

Hope your day is as fun as ours!


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  2. Hello Crystal,
    Stumbled across these pictures, we have a lil boy that is identical to the female you have pictures of, he is a rescue and we really were curious to find out what breed she is, since they look so much alike. Check out his pictures and lots of others on my facebook page, packleaderpuppyadventures
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