Monday, July 30, 2012

More puppysitting adventures!

Well, the week and a half of puppy sitting is over. My house has been deep cleaned and furniture has been put back in its place, scraps of toys/stuffing have been collected and disposed of, and I have finally caught up on my sleep.

Waking up before 6:15 everyday makes me very cranky. I had forgetten how puppies need a lot of attention, and not a lot of sleep. I was trying to do the opposite...let's just say I lost that battle.

We took a trip to the park to try to wear the girls out. It worked. We ran a mile with them and they were done. We snuck a little photo shoot in there, but the girls were so hot and tired, it didn't last long.

On our way home we opted to drive through some neighborhoods and look at landscaping. Just to get some ideas for what to do with our flowerbed (that's a whole other story). We came across a field and I've been dying to get some pictures of Hazel in front of whatever crop is growing all around here. So we hopped out and got a picture of the girls.

Friends in a Field

Across the street were some hay bales and the hubbs was like "I bet I could get Hazel on those hay bales!" He's such a supportive hubby. ;o) So we ran across the street with Hazel, popped her up on the hay bale, and snapped some pictures.

Hay Bale Re-Edit

The pups were passed out for the rest of the day. It was AWESOME! I woke them up late in the evening for more experimenting with my camera and snagged a few great shots of the puppy.
 Too hot to trot

This one is my favorite.

Lucy eyes

She's such a sweet girl. I think Hazel's going through withdrawals! Our next playdate is Thursday, so she doesn't have to wait long. ;o)

As you can tell, I'm playing with editing and trying to figure out which style I like best. I took a photography course over the weekend and learned some fun things in light room and had to test them out. Thanks for stopping by!


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