Monday, January 9, 2012

Senior Photos

Last week I shared the family pictures from my recent people photo shoot. After about an hour in a mild drizzle with temperatures in the 40s, we took some "senior portraits" of one of Tressa's nieces. Naturally at this point it REALLY started to rain. So we worked fast.

This girl is seriously gorgeous. She had a photo shoot with a real photographer recently and said that her pictures didn't turn out, so she wanted me to try. I couldn't believe that a girl this pretty could take a bad photo, but I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to work with such a beautiful subject!

Senior 1

Senior 2

Its pouring in this last one. We really wanted to try to get a picture by the lake, so we ran over, she sat down and I snapped a few quick shots. You can kinda see the droplets in the background hitting the water.

Senior 3

Definitely made for some great memories for everyone involved! Thanks again to this fun family for being my test subjects. ;o)


  1. Wow, Crystal! Those are gorgeous pictures too. I need to come learn some of your photography secrets! :)


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