Monday, January 23, 2012

Houston Chevron Marathon & El Paso 5k

Two weekends ago we traveled do to Houston for the Chevron Marathon and El Paso 5k. The hubbs enjoys running this marathon because its one of the flattest. Its a qualifier for Boston, so you see some really good runners from all over the place. And as we discovered this year, when the weather is good, the spectators are awesome.

That makes a big difference to the runners. So if you get the chance to watch a marathon/half marathon, cheer! Yell "go runners!" and clap...don't just stand there and stare at them like they're crazy, they already know that, and are definitely thinking that at that very moment...Anyway, the hubbs ran his best race yet at 3:51:08. So Proud!

I ran the 5k this year because I wanted a medal. The hubbs has a nice collection and I was feeling a little left out, so I signed up for the Houston 5k because ALL finishers get a medal. My training leading up to it was less than stellar. I was training consistently before Christmas, but then the holidays showed up and I caught a cold so I didn't train. The week before the 5k I was running 1 mile total and walking the remaining 2. My goal for the race was to run the first mile, walk the 2nd and run the 3rd.

Did I mention I did all of me training on a treadmill?

So my biggest fear was getting out there and not being able to pace myself. Turns out I'm a rockstar and found someone that ran a comfortable pace to draft off of and ran the WHOLE thing! My time was 41:04, which is a little slower than I normally run, but I don't care! I earned that medal!

I've got another 5k coming up in February, so I'm hoping to shave off 5 minutes. Its the Hot Chocolate 5k in Dallas. I sampled the hot chocolate at the Expo for the White Rock Marathon and was sold. Plus you get a wind resistant running jacket just for registering.


  1. I loved running 5K's. It was always my favorite distance and there were fun prizes and good t-shirts. I'm jealous of the jacket, though! You go!

  2. That is a perfectly legitimate reason to register for a race.


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