Monday, August 8, 2011

On the move...

Well hello there Monday. So we meet again.

  • A/C. 35+ days of triple digits (that's not a praise, just reiterating the fact that I am VERY thankful for a/c)
  • getting my moved to Lufkin
  • Quinn being available to help, and never once complaining (did I mention the string of triple digit days?)
  • my mom's bed fit in her apartment. We could only afford an efficiency, and I was really worried when we first opened the door, but ALL of her stuff fit!
  • She called me just as we were arriving home again and she sounded so happy.
  • the old house is clean and ready to be turned back over to the landlord. Bittersweet.
  • continued love, prayer, and support from friends.
  • hope for a new normal, hope for our weekends to be our own
  • realizing that when my husband is at his wits end, God gives me clarity and peace to reassure him, and vice versa. That must be one of the reasons two are better than one ;o)

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