Monday, August 15, 2011

An attitude of gratitude

Its funny how, when we're facing something hard, even if its brief, it can make us forget the multitude of blessings that proceeded that trial. I was in a pit this weekend. Really depressed, and bitter, and frustrated about something...something minor really. And as I looked toward blogging my blessings I convinced myself that there was no reason to give thanks...its a sad place to be, but I know I'm not alone. Satan fuels those negative thoughts until we turn our back on God...thankfully I realized this soon into my pity party and I knew I had to continue with my list.

-RAIN! We actually got some rain on Saturday! EVERYONE I came into contact with was ecstatic.
-we did not meet or beat the record for consecutive 100+ degree days. We made it to 40, and caught a blessed break.
-God performed a miracle...
-a very supportive husband
-chatting with friends
-An abundance of volunteers at spirit night
-birthday celebrations and baby showers
-a relaxing craft day

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