Monday, June 6, 2011

My Cup Overflows...

- driving around my old hometown, and reminiscing with my husband
- a beautiful wedding
- seeing friends from high school
- playing board games with family
- a clean bedroom, i mean deep cleaned and dusted!
- a life group (our sunday school) that helps each other out in times of need
- greek food
- the return of my hospital manager, and a weight lifted off my shoulders!
-watching Hazel swim and jump into the pool all by herself!


  1. Those are some wonderful things to be grateful for.

    Visiting from Ann's - have a blessed day!

  2. Like Theresa, I got to your page via Ann's. I especially like the one about your life group. The hubs and I just recently joined one and we are loving what great friendships we are making as well as having that accountability. God bless!


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