Monday, June 27, 2011


Is it Monday again? I feel like yesterday was Monday. My how time flies these days.
  • Hanging out with the girls at a baby shower
  • celebrating and anticipating of the 3rd baby girl to our group!
  • celebrating the new marriage of two pretty awesome people
  • seeing how God has changed my heart in relation to kids. It sounds awful, but honestly, 2 years ago, I hated kids. I never wanted to have them, and I wanted to stay far away from anybody else that had them, especially groups of them. If I walked into our Sunday school class in the state of mind I had back then, I would have run away. Today, I embrace the 8 kids that have been born to our class in the last year, and anticipate the birth of 4 more. For the record, I am still NOT ready to have kids myself, but atleast I think they're kinda fun.
  •  A night to relax and be quiet by myself. This is important to a water/earth like myself.
  • That the computers were only down for a couple of hours today, instead of out all day
  • being a part of a great growth group and life group. 
  • my hubby can run again. And even though I think he's crazy, he really loves it.


  1. Yay for Cole getting released to sweat again! LOL!

    Miss you friend! :(

  2. An evening alone is a huge treat for me too! Marriages and babies - the cycle of life means blessed indeed. Have a week filled with Him in everything you see and do.

    I love your 4th of July pinwheels - Martha Stewart made some similar (maybe bigger though) and hung them outside - very cool!


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