Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flowerbed Make Over

Our flowerbed in the front of our house has needed help since just about the day we moved in. We have what I like to call "builder special" bushes that fill the flower bed.

They were ugly, and I really hated them.

The worse part was the grass that grew into the flower bed. Let me just tell you right now, keep mulch on your flowerbed! Lesson learned.

So, we've lived with this horrid flowerbed for 3 years now. I cringed at the thought of someone coming over to our house for the first time and THAT was the first impression. Blegh. After the first year of living here we said we'd rip out everything and start over. And then we learned the soil out here is clay. Dislike.

After 3 years of living with an ugly front flower bed, I finally had had enough. On the first nice day in March I took to ripping it to pieces. And oh boy did it feel good. I really wish I had a before picture. I can't believe I didn't take one. But this is what it looked like an hour and a half into me digging out bushes.

And yes, I said me.

At this point I had ripped out 6 out of 10 bushes. Just imagine a really overgrown mound of bushes and grass and that was the before picture.

The hubby was conveniently called away to play ultimate frisbee. I had to stop after an hour and a half for an eye doctor appt. Then it was back to work. After another hour and a half we had this

And then I stopped for lunch.

By the end of the day, I had this...

And I was exhausted.

The next day the hubby helped out and quickly finished digging out the second half. Apparently he's stronger than me. We have several bags of clay/soil on our porch.

I then started to fill in the bed with manure and organic compost...I ran out...

At the end of day 2, and after several trips Lowes, it looked like this...

To be continued...


  1. Wow you were a busy bee! Looks great, we need to get started on landscaping too!

  2. That's what we're doing today too! Unfortunately the "builder special" bushes have to stay because we're renting. yuck.

  3. That is so much work. Kudos for tackling it. I think it's funny whenever I work and work at something and Brian does it in half the time....


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