Sunday, September 19, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Its been a long hard week, overshadowed by a stressful decision. I look around and see so much suffering, so many hurting. Its hard to see the sweet romances He gives in times likes these. Its hard to hear His whisper through all the noise. There really are a multitude of blessings, if I pause to look

306. Healing from the agony of the stomach flu
307. remembering nearly a year of Club Fed with friends that will soon be spread apart
308. seeing so many friends blessed with precious little ones
309. Having godly people to run to for counsel
310. A husband willing to be my sounding board
311. an entire day to unleash creativity
312. running into long lost friends
313. watching friends successfully overcome debt
314. seeing someone dance their heart out in worship
315. knowing there are parents that fight for their families

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