Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank goodness I have a planner

Lately every day seems crazy and filled with activity. Its weird to me, because I'm unemployed and I don't usually realize just how busy I really am until a friend wants to get together and I look at my planner and say wow...maybe next week? Its always a good kind of busy, and usually doing things I really enjoy, like this Saturday my schedule looks like this:

10am : Akita Rescue Photo Shoot
12pm: Ricci Dogs Photo Shoot
2pm: Life Group Poolside BBQ
6pm: Club Fed Poolside Greek

And if you only knew how far apart all of these were and the running around I'm going to do, you might be tired just reading the schedule. Its going to be so fun though, I can't wait.

Yesterday was a fun day too. I dropped of my bridesmaid dress at the cleaners for my college roomies upcoming wedding, stopped by my upline's house to borrow some goodies and a quick lesson in a mega cute cake box, drove in search of the local lavender farm, shopped for a delicious smelling new candle, and had a friend over for an afternoon of making manly cards. PHEW! oh and went to a meeting for our upcoming mission trip. :o)

Let me elaborate on that delicious smelling candle. There's this local candle business called Candles by Carol...they smell pretty delish and you can find them in nearly every locally owned business. I found this one at a local boutique that just opened.The scent is Tropical Fruit and it smells lovely. Its powerful too, the whole house smells like yummy fruits! But I thought the presentation was lacking...i.e. the jar was ugly...and I had some down time (hard to believe, ha!) so I made it a little more fun.And today, the only thing on the schedule is a meeting tonight for I'm gonna get crafty!


  1. I agree with your comment to my comment. :)

    Brien and I have talked about the family stuff, babies and all, and it's really nice to hear a perspective that is similar to ours. Since we are still in the Central Texas Area, where the military is so prominent, there are so many young people who are now expecting their second or third child. When I was a sophomore in college I was one of three girls in our group of thirty who were not married or expecting. :/ Kindof sad..but you live with your surroundings.

    Brien and I love the idea of the 'ideal situation' where we both are graudated, established in a house, community, and church and are 'prepared' materially to welcome a child into our family. Like Hazel our two dogs are just enough for us!! But sometimes it can be overwhelming when all the collge-aged people around us are pregnant....again...and they look at us, mainly me, and wonder at why I am not reproducing. :)

    Love the candle! Your crafts are so awesome, I promise to send you a picture of the next card I make! the first one ended up being thrown away.. :P I cut my thump with the paper cutter and got blood on it!! OOPS!

    Hope your weekend is fun!! Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. I picked one of these candles up last year! Mine however was not as pretty as yours!


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