Monday, May 31, 2010

A Thousand Gifts...

182. Drive in movie theater with friends, even though the power was out and the movie was delayed 2 hours. :o)

183. Safe travel to Tyler and back

184. Seeing another couple commit their lives to each other

185. The example our friends set by saving their first kiss for their wedding day

186. getting to assistant shoot for the first time!

187. remembering men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our country

188. Flags flown in their honor

189. Hazel now knows how to roll over :o)

190. funds from unexpected places for the mission trip

191. kicking off a new bible study

Have a safe and happy memorial day and be sure to take a moment to pray for those families that have lost a son or daughter, wife or husband, mother or father in honor and service to our country.

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