Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

I have a love/hate relationship with Memorial Day Weekend. Its exciting because it means summer is here,it means sales, it means public pools/water parks are means road trips and often times weddings. This year I'm super excited because gas prices are DOWN! Wow!

I tend to not like Memorial Day because of the oppressive Texas summer heat (this is only the beginnning) and crowded highways. The mass amount of unchaperoned teeny-boppers roaming about the harbor and the mall...the end of tv shows. I mean seriously, summer is when people can actually watch tv, why is there no good programming?!

Anyway, this weekend is packed full of memorial day fun. The hubbs has a bachelor party tonight, we're going to a wedding on Saturday and then the drive in movie theater with our Life Group on Sunday.

So what are YOU doing for Memorial day weekend? Shopping? Traveling? Gettin' hitched? ;o)

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  1. You are more than 100% correct about the teeny boppers! LOL! I was actually encouraged to go into an Ambercrombie and Fitch just to get some cologne and when a group of extremly thin high schoolers went in before me...I lost all confidence! I felt like an old woman...LOL!

    I am spending my memorial day breaking out the stamping set! WHOOP! I hope you guys have fun! Especially with the water parks. I wish we could get into camping..but the heat..oh the heat. :)


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