Monday, March 15, 2010

Martha's House

Friday and Saturday was spent serving with my Unveiled Sistas in South Dallas. We did an apartment makeover -- SO FUN! This apartment complex houses people that need a fresh start. The specific apartment that we made over will house 4 women that have been released from prison/jail and are trying to get back on their feet. The rent is paid by the church, and the women are required to get and maintain employment, and attend parenting classes, among some other requirements. They are permitted to stay there up to a year. I think this is absolutely awesome, I just wish it was in a better area. Its hard for women to get out of the situations that put them behind bars when they are living in them, surrounded by bad influences, and reminders of the past. But nonetheless we put a whole lotta sweat and love into this apartment. Let me just brag on my sistas for a minute. These girls had a vision, and they went forward hard core. And we all had a blast working together. We can't wait to do it again. You can click on the picture for a larger picture.
The wall reads "may all who enter as guests, leave as friends"
I kinda slopped these together, I was just so excited to share the pictures. Doesn't it look awesome? The difference is really amazing. A little paint can go a long way. ;o)


  1. It's beautiful. Ya'll did something beautiful and made a place of rest and refuge. Can't imagine a more worthwhile makeover.

  2. wow! Ya'll did an awesome job! very cute! :)
    Wanna come do a makeover on my new home!?


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