Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keeping Austin Weird.

This weekend was fabulous! I never knew I would enjoy Austin so much, considering I am an Aggie, but everytime we go back I love it a little more. Its so outdoorsy and uniqueness if definitely in. Plus you can take your dog with you just about anywhere. :o) So we took the Hazelbutt, and I think she loved it. It was her first real road trip. 4 Hours in the car and she did great.

The people we stayed with had a dog, and chickens, which made life much more exciting for her. She tried her hand at herding the chickens...poor chickens...and had lots of puppy play time. And I took her to a coffee shop just down the street from where we were staying which is not something you can do around here. She loved that. So many people to meet.

The whole reason we went though was for my hubbs to compete in the Great Urban Race with his best friend. Their team name "Top of the Muffin, to You"
Yes...they dressed up as Jerry Seinfeld and Kramer. I pretended not to know them.
Thankfully Kristin let them borrow her iPhone...just another reason we need an iPhone dearest.

They ran all over town posing in various locations

eating things


doing strange things


I'm particularly ashamed of this next shot...remember my husband and I are Aggies.


And then he almost got eaten


There was an award for most creative costume. You can see some of them here


One that had great presentation but didnt win, was Austin in Wonderland.


The winner was Marge and Homer Simpson


These ladies were called "Running of the Brides." There was 8 total. And it was somebody's bachelorette party...which I thought was really cool. It was in the 80s that day though, so they must have been very hot.


In the end my guys came away with 13th place out of 350 teams. They qualified for Championships, but since its in Las Vegas they probably won't go. I'm so proud.



  1. Ohh. You're an Aggie? ;) I love UT, but it's all good...
    I like Austin, too! Great pictures!

  2. looks like fun! Don't forget to check out CitySolve Urban Race http://CitySolveUrbanRace.com

  3. Cole's costume is hilarious. I have seen every Sienfeld episode and the poofy pirate shirt is one of the top favs. Awesome! Congrats to them both!


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