Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind the Veil

Made a quick card yesterday to congratulate a dear friend on getting a new job. She's really been searching hard and it has finally paid off
It was my first time to experiment with the chalk that came in my kit. I stamped the image in versamark ink and then colored over the image with chalk. Gives a nice soft image.

Last night we had Unveiled (our young women's ministry), and God really showed up. Here's a skit we did to show the women that its ok to worship in a way that you feel comfortable.

It was a fun night. And then there was a monsoon afterwards. The parking lot was flooded. I was wearing flip flops and had to wade through a river to get to my car. SO COLD! One poor girl parked right where the water was rushing (I mean like a waterfall!) off of the upper level of the parking garage and her car flooded. over 3 gallons of water were pumped out of her car. Poor thing. Then, when I got home, I had to rescue our garbage can. It had turned over and floated down the street. That was fun (note sarcasm). But it was nice to fall asleep to the sound of rain. I love to sleep when its storming.

Have a great day!

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  1. I happen to remember monsoon weather and street flooding on the day of a certain beautiful couple's wedding awhile back....


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