Monday, March 1, 2010

An attitude of gratitude

holy experience

50. Shawn McDonald and Natalie Grant in concert...but mostly Shawn McDonald ;o)
51. Reunited with old friends at a baby shower
52. Another couple in our Life Group is pregnant!
53. Friends that have been struggling for years to get pregnant are having a baby boy! (I think there's something in the water!)
54. Warmer weather over the weekend
55. Our Growth Group was finally able to meet after a few weeks of bad weather and sickness (though we were missing one couple)
56. prayer
57. the air in my lungs
58. the gyro house, our favorite greek restaurant (its over an hour away)
59. waking up to the gentle sound of rain


  1. That is a wonderful list. I am very happy for your friends who are expecting their son:)

  2. I love waking to the gentle sound of rain.
    Sweet list.
    I enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Grace to you

  3. Gratitude. Nothing like it. Thanks for sharing. And....air in the lungs is good....

  4. Hmmm. Sweet. It's always good to be thankful. It makes you feel so good :)

    Sarah Ann

  5. New babies are always a good reminder of thankfulness.


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