Monday, January 25, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

I thought I'd join in on giving thanks at the beginning of the week for the many gifts God has given me. I do hope it helps me to not take for granted the things I feel like I deserve. The only thing I deserve is death and separation from God, but through His grace and mercy, Christ Jesus gave His life so that I may have Eternal life in Him. I think I'll list 10 blessings a week, until it reaches 1000...and hopefully far beyond! Please know that these are in no particular order. I put them down as they come to me, as the Holy Spirit leads me.

1. My relationship Jesus Christ
2. My incredible husband
3. My crazy dog
4. Our beautiful home
5. Lake Pointe Church
6. Our nearly/newlywed Life Group
7. My camera
8. My dearest friend Allison
9. Healing from 3 weeks of medical mystery
10. My time at Texas A&M University

May God be glorified in all these things!

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