Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blessed 2012

A couple of months ago our church held a women's event called Blessed. Men from our church volunteered to serve us dinner and then we went into the auditorium and had some great worship and listened to a speaker. At dinner we were seated at these large round tables. People could sign up to decorate them around one of 3 themes that would benefit a local organization. The choices were The Pregnancy Resource Center, the Food Bank, and the Genesis Women's Shelter. Unveiled elected to host 2 tables and chose to decorate them to benefit the Pregnancy Resource Center. I put together the diaper cakes and helped the other girls decorate the tables.

All decorations were then donated to the Pregnancy Resource Center. It was a great event and a really neat way to decorate and help out local organizations.

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  1. That's awesome...and you did a FABULOUS job on those diaper cakes! I have made a couple in my past and they are NOT easy! :)


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