Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 3: Meat

Well last week was an epic fail.

Our challenge was to eat ONLY 3-4 servings of meat for the whole week and for that meet to be raised within 100 miles of our home. We had chicken at just about every meal, and it definitely wasn't grown locally. Fail.

I guess we'll be having a do over on that week sometime in the future.

This week isn't looking much better. We're supposed to avoid fast foods and deep fried foods...apparently tortilla chips aren't allowed...ate half a bag yesterday. DOH!


  1. This would be hard for us too. 2 of my 3 guys would prefer meat with every meal, if we could afford it. I can go a day or two without, but only having it 3-4 times in a whole week would be challenging.

    1. What is this neat diet you are on? It sounds like something Eric Schlosser or Michael Pollan made.


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