Monday, October 10, 2011


I've decided that life is just busy. And I need to embrace that. I often find myself saying "life has just been so busy lately," but quite honestly, I think THAT is the norm and when life slows down for a bit, THAT is the exception. I've decided I will embrace it, instead of fight and sometimes even dread it...and I will try to be a little more organized and better at time management...ha!

Its been a few weeks, so I better catch up...

-hanging out with my dear friend Allison
-finding out she will get to go home sooner than she thought
-honoring my dad's memory with the family
-getting to hear so many wonderful memories of him
-just getting to laugh with a family I haven't gotten to know before, despite them being MY family
-cooler temperatures
-getting my rear out of bed in the morning and running a mile...and feeling proud of it
-so many choices for food
-watching girly movies
-Bible study
-snuggling with puppies
-the hubbs having a great time in Austin despite his race being canceled
-making awesome decorations for Unveiled (pictures to come)
-an even bigger room for our life group
-2 new pregnancies
-sweet baby Camden finally got to go home!
-actually making it to "big church" ;o)
-birthdays with the family
-crafting with my mother-in-love
-Getting to plan a bridal shower
-an incredible group of women in our Esther bible study
-getting to hang out with Ashley and catch up on life
-being able to intercede before the throne for others in need

I can't believe its been a month since I recorded my blessings...shame on me! There have been so many that I know I forgot...funny how its so easy to let those slip from memory.

Be blessed this week!


  1. I love it when I make it to "big church" as well!! Enjoyed your list! (Stopping by from Ann's.)


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