Monday, July 4, 2011

Oklahoma City Dog Show 2011

I spent the weekend in Oklahoma City with a couple of friends for a dog show. They were each showing their super sweet pups.

This is Ickis.

OKC Dog Show 2011

Ickis is a Cane Corso. He's a beautiful and sweet drooling machine. And he has no idea how big he is. Unfortunately, when he sees someone he knows outside the ring, he refuses to stack. So his owner, his aunt, and I have to hide when he's showing. He's such a silly boy.

This is Covered in Raspberries

OKC Dog Show 2011

That's her registered name. We call her Asbury. She's a fiery little red head. She won best of breed on Saturday and beat out the number one Bull Terrier in the country. We were stoked. Unfortunately she was really sick during the Terrier group competition (which will air on tv sometime later this year!). She held it together in the ring, like a true diva. Its a lot of pressure to be a star!

I really enjoy dog shows. We have a great time watching our favorite dogs strut their stuff, and then getting to shop afterwards. There's a show in Dallas next weekend, and then Houston the weekend after that...hope I can make one of them!

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