Monday, November 1, 2010

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holy experience

I know its been a week or two since I've shared my list, so I have a little catching up to do. October was incredibly busy and I'm looking forward to enjoying the holiday season now that all of the chaos is behind me!

355. Friends that look out for each other
356. home parties
357. a generous snack display at Bible Study
358. a new face at Bible Study
359. freshly baked cookies
360. Tressa growing more comfortable with praying out loud
361. Nikki wanting to do Bible Study with the women's prison ministry!
362.a peaked interest in my crafting classes
363. Seeing God work at Unveiled
364. leadership team coming up with great ideas for Unveiled
365. A night out with the girls to celebrate a friend's upcoming wedding
366. Wonderful treats at Bible study
367. teaching the Bible study a new game
368. a full day off that was unexpected but fully enjoyed!
369. A great new receptionist at work
370. peaked interest in my pet photography
371. a day to just rest with the hubbs
372. the amazing conversations that happen at Bible Study
373. Nikki and Michael are married!
374. Co-workers that came to celebrate the special day with her
375. Meeting Nikki and Michael's crazy fun families!
376. I was able to control the chaos that surrounds a wedding
377. Hanging out with Kevo
378. Trick-or-treaters
379. Relaxing evening with friends

Have a blessed day!

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