Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Garden Party

Monday night was the Lake Pointe Church's Women's Ministry Fall Kick Off Event called Garden Party. Try to say that 5 times fast! Its an annual event that involves dinner (which is served by men from our church), door prizes, worship, and a great speaker. People sign up to host tables, which means they decorate them, and then you can buy tickets in groups to sit at the tables, or you can just buy individually and end up at whatever table you end up at. Unveiled hosted 2 tables and also bought the seats for those 2 tables. We also decided to wear big hats since it was a Garden Party!
I was running around handing out amazing door prizes so I didn't think to take any other pictures of the night. Then I worked the Unveiled booth after Margaret Kennedy spoke on life's waiting rooms and letting God have control in those waiting rooms. She was amazing and she came over at the end of the night to learn more about Unveiled. It confirmed that we are doing something right in Unveiled and others want to know how we're doing it!

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