Monday, August 30, 2010

Multitude Monday

Today was so wonderful, because I was finally able to just slow down, and bum around. Last week and into this weekend was crazy, I had so much to do. I was spent last night and collapsed into bed. Its hard looking back on the blur that was the week to pick out moments of blessing. Just a reminder to take a minute to take a look around and see what God is doing...

286. Finally getting to attend a baby shower that I made the d├ęcor for. ! out of 3 is sad!

287.Prayer team meetings – those ladies are crazy!

288. Family photo shoot with close friends.

289. Getting to catch up with people I haven’t seen/talked to in a LONG time!

290. Celebrating my precious sister-in-love’s birthday

291. A friend FINALLY being offered a job!

292. Watching someone take a leap of faith and trusting God to provide

293. Getting to rest after a super busy week

294. Getting to check items off a LONG to-do list!

295. the cooler weather we enjoyed last week.

holy experience

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  1. Enjoying the cool weather as well! Delighted as always to splash around with you and drench myself in His goodness.



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