Monday, July 26, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Well its been a LONG time since I did a list! I don't remember when the last one was, and I'm too lazy to look back, so I'll just do a long list today to make up time! Haha!

245. Making it to week 2 of the Couch to 5k program

246. my mom got to come out to see our house yesterday

247. in-laws that have been there for my family during a rough couple of weeks

248. progress in rehab for my dad

249. a successful mission trip to Santa Clara

250. New friendships formed with those that served on the trip

251. Getting to show Christ’s love to the nations while staying in America!

252. Standing next to a 300+ ft and 2000 year old tree and being in awe of God’s creation

253. Getting to see the grand canyon from the plane!!!

254. the dog being brave and jumping in the pool with us…she makes me laugh so much

255. getting to see Quinn and hear about Japan

256. using skype for the first time = awesome!

257. finding out another member of our life group is pregnant with kiddo # 2!

258. Getting to help plan baby showers

259. Getting to help plan a wedding!

260. Watching a grown woman turn into a little kid as she played on the beach for the first time.

261. shopping in cali at Costco with some of the mission team. We had 5 carts piled high, but kept it under $1000!

262. Life Group date night at the Rough Riders game, I love those people!

263. Driving around town with the girls

264. Being in church again for the first time in many many weeks

265. Being lifted up in prayer during a difficult time

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