Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I think I can say that camping this weekend was a definite success. I am utterly amazed at how well behaved Hazel was. This was her first trip, and I envisioned it going horribly wrong. Aside from a thunderstorm Friday night and high winds that almost turned our tent into a kite Saturday afternoon, it was quite pleasant. And Hazel was an angel. We have a pet den on our tent, so she slept inside. I fully expected her to pace all night, and growl and bark at every noise. Instead, she laid down in the pet den (which is open to the main area of the tent) and stayed there ALL NIGHT. No growling, no barking. I was in shock. Now if that stupid storm didnt keep me awake from 2-7am, I would've been a very happy camper (pun intended).

Of course I've got some pictures to share. We went on a walk/hike Saturday morning. And came across some beautiful views.

Then we walked down to the lake and climbed around on the rocks. The boys and Hazel had a fabulous time. I was trying not to face-plant or land on my camera while being dragged around by a very excited dog. Plus I'm afraid of heights, so climbing rocks is never fun for me. Curtis disappeared and suddenly emerged here:
Since we were in a state park, Hazel had to be on leash. Since she had to be on leash, she had to wear her gentle leader. Otherwise, I definitely would have fallen on my face.
Curtis disappeared again, and the hubbs pointed to a rock really far away...crazy kid.

Naturally the hubbs had to join him. They spent the next 30 minutes hurling rocks off of this into the water. Apparently it was really fun. I sought lower ground.

I decided it would be fun to take Hazel down to the water's edge. She took a little while to figure out the water...but when she decided it was ok, man, she went crazy! I wish I had video of her antics. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. She was splashing so she could eat the water. And when waves rolled in, she tried to catch them. The guys came over to see what was going on and started throwing/skipping rocks. Hazel thought she needed to rescue all of them. Needless to say she was soaked by the time it was over.

We returned to our campsite, and got ready for dinner. Hazel suddenly decided to become a lap dog. She loves Ashley. And I don't think I can camp without them. Curtis knows everything about camping...I know nothing. And Ashley isn't super outdoorsy like me, so we have a fabulous time.
Here's dinner cooking. Man, it was good.

And here's Hazel waiting for dinner.

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  1. What fun! I love camping and I can't wait until our camping season is here. It's hailing right now so fair to say it's a ways off:)


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