Monday, February 22, 2010

Multitude Monday

Good Morning! This weekend was a busy one. I played a little Ultimate Frisbee on saturday and it didn't almost kill me! I was much smarter this time and actually warmed up and paced myself. My friend did get punched though. That was frustrating and totally uncommon for frisbee. He was a real man though, shrugged it off and wanted to just keep playing. I did not handle it so gracefully. I had words. Thankfully no one ever taught me to street fight because it might have been all over in that moment. I have asian fury. ;o)

Saturday night we had game night with our life group. Have you ever played Just Dance on Wii? Oh my goodness. It is greatness. Its a long the same lines as guitar hero, but you dance. The guys started out with Wanna be by the Spice Girls. I was crying.

Yesterday we went a churchin' ;o) and then the hubbs and I hung out. Played games, watched movies, it was wonderful.

And now its Monday and time to count the blessings!

40. Glamorous was such a blessing on Wednesday
41. Men that stand up in humility for what they believe in
42. Visits from extended family
43. The whole life group lingers for more than 30 minutes after church because we've all missed each other during the week.
44. That the husband isn't as passionate about wall color as I am.
45. Claritan and Nasonex.
46. Taco Bueno and their value platters
47. A Lunch date with 2 amazing and inspiring women
48. That God is patiently teaching me to hold my tongue
49. God has given me great passion, and is teaching me to use it for His glory.

Sometimes coming up with 10 things to write about is a challenge, though I know there is so much to be thankful for. I pray that my heart and my eyes would be open to see what I take for granted, and that the same would happen for each of you.

Be blessed!

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  1. Love your multitude. Gratitude is soooooo important. Our boys have to tell us what they are thankful for every day before they go to bed. And, yes, Just Dance is amazing. I wish I could see grown men do that dance....


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