Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby its COLD outside!

It is really cold in Texas today...and its only going to get colder this week! I must have brought the cold weather home from Kansas...maybe snow will follow? I mean really, the only reason it should ever get this cold is so there will be snow. :o)

I had a visit with my doc today. She tells me I have allergies that are causing me to suffer from asthma like symptoms. Boo. So Singulair is supposed to help me breathe. I start it tonight so keep your fingers crossed!

Today's picture kinda sucks. It was going to be really cute, but I was a little foolish and forgot to check the settings on my camera before I started snapping away. But hey, I

didn't have much time! She was threatening to drop Mr Frosty.

Jan 5 - Mr Frosty

I apologize for all the noise in the photo, that's what happens when you shoot at ISO 1600. I'm still learning! ;o) Here's a bonus image of Mr Frosty for ya. :o)

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